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If you are good at flash or even love flash or training. This is the place for you. If you want to know about flash just ask ! Here you can recommend sites, Make games and movie animations with friends you will make and much more. But you must join first.
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 Kaywire.com Rules!

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Experiment N.3.13
Experiment N.3.13

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Kaywire.com Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Kaywire.com Rules!   Kaywire.com Rules! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2007 7:25 am

Note: There may be additional rules for certain sections, look for sticky topics. These rules however, applies to the entire Kaywire forum.


1. No racism is tolerated

2. No Porn is tolerated

3. No Spamming is tolerated

4. No talk about serials/warez/cracks etc

5. Use common sense

Max signature dimensions are 500 width x 150 height.
Try your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
Don't double/triple/etc post, edit your last one.
Don't dig up dead threads unless its very important.
Only serious work may be posted in the showoff forum.

if someone Breaks These Rules PM me.
~ Draunia05
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Kaywire.com Rules!
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